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Originally Posted by TSiWRX View Post
Geauga has typically been great - professional, courteous service along with fast turn-around. The only down-side is that I believe they are still an in-person-pick-up-only service.

Variable reports within the past month of people's wait-times. Someone on OFCC applied in early December and saw the usual <1 week turn-around. Another person waited 13 days, but his record was complicated by some extra legal hoops.

Time it with a trip out to Top Gun Supply, and you're good-to-go.
Thank you!
Well, now it sounds to me like I should definitely consider Geauga. As long as I don't have to wait for months, then I'm happy. No matter where I go there will be extra time tacked on because of my being an Ohio resident for less than 5 years. They'll have to search my background in my native Nevada.
And I will definitely check out Top Gun Supply. Never heard of it before.

I will post again to let you all know how everything goes with Geauga County.
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