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Originally Posted by OctoberRust View Post
You can think it's anecdotal all you want. I see plenty of other successful adults around my age. We just don't sensationalize and bring these cases to light as much as the losers.

I think it's more you that 'no understand' what anyone here is saying. Regardless of your income (hey, good for you), you're 24 years old and choosing to remain in the care and company of your mother for the sake of emotional comfort and convenience for the both of you, rather than move out and enjoy independence and debauchery before starting a family. That is, in effect, a marriage with the wrong person.

Edit: I want you to know, I'm not saying that to be mean or hurtful. I just know from experience that you're living through a narrow window of your life right now where, to be a man in the future, you NEED to get out on your own now. Just sayin'.

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