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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
Like General McArthur's mom, who moved into a hotel near West Point to be near her boy when he went to Hudson High?

"Helicopter parents" aren't new. What's new is cell phones and Facebook.
Gee, I'm not so sure. Do you have kids??? Parents are definitely helicoptering much more than 30 years ago. Some of it is being a good parent. Some of it is trying to get the best (classes, playtime, memories, etc.,) for their children. Then they FORGET to stop that at some point.

I don't recall parents that helicoptered when I was a kid. I just don't. But I see it a lot now. And I see it a lot in CLIENTS who have children 20-35. The one with the 50'somethings is the exception and is a testament more to his wife's selfishness and his desire to be the center of the universe - ergo he has not stopped "nurturing" them. (Wife passed about 12 years ago.)
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