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Of Course, I left home at 18, never to return except for a visit and I cannot EVER remember asking her for anything after I left home.

My daughter, I don't know but I think she spoils my 2 grandsons (ages 21 and 22) so much that they just let her and take advantage of everyhing offered including housing, food, clothes, laundry, car, etc. She just does not want to let go and is happy to have them around and dependent on her. Someday, that plan will come back to haunt her, I am sure.

I would be ashamed to be dependent on my parents and living with them at that age but, my daughter and son-in-law make a lot of money and those boys would not come close to the lifestyle they have living at home having mommy care for them so .... why leave? Kids today feel no shame staying home and living off their parents, especially if the parents standard of living is relatively high.

I am glad they live about 250 miles from me now as I think I would have to say something if they were around me all the time.
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