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Originally Posted by Anglin_AZ View Post
....... Be careful out there boys (and girls).

Below are pictures. Your opinion and experience is appreciated.


Reloading .......
That's, like, the worst pistol, 'kaBoom!' I've ever seen!

Sure it was a double charge; and you must have been using a very fast powder, too!

I don't anymore; but, 'back in the day' (My son uses this expression all of the time; and I knew that, someday, I'd get a chance to use it!) I put together many 100's of 1,000's of new and reloaded cartridges.

Much of what I read about reloading on the Internet, quite frankly, I couldn't do. I was introduced to the Number 1 hobby of my life by three shooting buddies - All older men who were very well trained, themselves. We used safety procedures and SAFETY HABITS that I don't even read in the manuals, anymore.

In the beginning we - instinctively - stayed away from progressive reloading. Everything was single-stage. We laid our prepped cartridges out in 25 or 50 count loading blocks, and processed exactly one cartridge case at a time, as well as one complete loading procedure at a time, too. All the cartridges went through the same procedure at the same time BEFORE the next stage in the loading process was begun.

After the powder went in the cases were all, 'flashlight inspected' in order to determine the powder depth level of each case. THEN, each case was capped with a bullet and the whole block was put next to the loading press for bullet insertion and crimping.

When I switched to a progressive press, my old safety habits went with me. NO DISTRACTIONS! When you're running a loading press you have to have your mind centered on the procedures you're running ALL OF THE CASES through. I found out something alarming about progressive presses: When you have a stoppage or, 'minor glitch' at any one of the five stations Y0U HAVE TO STOP AND CHECK ALL OF THE OTHER FOUR STATIONS.

In 40 + years of loading and reloading I never had one single overcharge. I had a few (3 or 4) squibs for whatever reasons, but no overcharges! I attribute my reloading safety record to the same reason(s) I've only screwed up exactly once in my life with a gun: I'm focused. I pay careful attention to what I'm doing. I instinctively regard any sort of interruption as a, 'danger signal'; and I'VE GOT VERY GOOD PERSONAL SAFETY HABITS.

Let's talk for a moment about firearm safety habits: There are (actually) two different types of safety habits.

(1) Well thoughtout safety rules that you memorize and remember.

(2) Personal behaviors that you will not - FOR ANY REASON - violate.

Personally, I attribute my own good luck at reloading, and my longevity with firearms to the latter rather than the former consideration.

Frankly, I wouldn't allow my own son to begin his reloading career with a progressive setup. He'd have to show me that he's ready and, 'knows his stuff' before I'd allow him to run more than one station at a time. Am I right? Am I wrong? I don't know; I've just never had a serious loading/reloading problem - Not in 100's of 1,000's of workbench-manufactured rounds.

Whatever you decide to do I'm going to offer a suggestion: Try to select reloading powders that ALMOST FILL THE CASE at the charge weight you've selected. You'll definitely advantage yourself if you do.

NOTE: I haven't read this entire thread. If you're using a progressive press then you need to get yourself one of those fancy, 'powder alarms' that'll flag any overcharges for you.

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