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Originally Posted by California Jack View Post
Whose program seems more effective?
To be fair, I see a LOT of fat doctors. A lot of fat surgeons.

I'd still let them do heart surgery on me, despite the fact they might die of a heart attack any day.

I'd also take their advice on things to do with heart health, despite the fact they obviously don't follow their own advice.

It can be unfair to judge a program or advice based on the person in charge. Or at least it's not the best argument against a specific program or advice. Glassman can be fat and out of shape, AND his program can be effective.

*I know next to nothing about crossfit, never done it in a gym but probably have done a similar exercise pattern on my own on occasion. I never heard of either of Glassman or Ross before reading this thread.

Most people who 'develop' a system are a bit egocentric, narcissistic, greedy and well, jerks. Look at the hot yoga dude for example.

FWIW, America has a major obesity / health problem. Anything that helps people combat that through exercise and nutrition can't be all bad imho Some folks groove to Crossfit, some like yoga, some like running, some like weight training, etc. I get happy when I see anyone connect with an activity that will help them improve their health.

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