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Originally Posted by mikeflys1 View Post
Dating back to the earliest cave paintings, the line of older generations bemoaning the younger one remains unbroken.

Things will be ok, OP.

I see an awful lot of 60-80 yr old parents giving up their golden years to help Jr. and his family out somehow.

What are they raising in that next generation? Grampa will be dead when III is old enough to want someone to do something for him. Then what?

I've got a client doing this. He's 83. His YOUNGEST child (of 4) is 50. EVERYONE expects Grampa to help bail them out. Some day, he's going to die. Not only will you have pre-retirees wandering around without a clue how to live, you've got a whole new generation - from mid-30's to gradeschool - that can't fend for themselves either.

This is far different from 50-100 years ago when your parents lived with you. Back then, they'd live with you and YOU were boss and an ADULT. Today, YOU are boss and THEY are there to just give you stuff because you are still a CHILD.

I'm betting I could make a mint with 2 books:

One on how to kick your sorry kids out of your lives.

One on how to act like an adult for the just-kicked kids. Maybe sell it as a 2-pack.
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