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Originally Posted by alank2 View Post

For me it is quite effective, but I usually load the same headstamp so that removes the large weight variation with multiple types of brass. I usually do it for extra peace of mind and it only takes a few minutes with a digital scale at the same time I case gauge check them. I can't remember a time where the spread was so large that it wouldn't have easily let me pick out a squib or double.

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MAybe, if you use all the same headstamp & heavy enough charge wts that a double registers. IME, like 100Krds of 45acp worth, you can't verify a dbl w/ small charges under 5gr w/ any reliabilty. It's a false sense of security. Take a popular TG load, 4gr. Bullets can be off 1/2gr, cases can vary buy 2-3gr, even in the same manuf. So now you are looking for 4gr diff w/ 3.5gr variation, not gonna happen.
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