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Speaking of Blue Dot, I have some but have yet to load too many for it. But I have done a few. I do know that, like most loads, it's all about finding the sweet spot. Even some minor OAL variations can make a difference.

When I loaded for the 10mm, 10.5gr of BD would get me around 1150 fps from a stock G20sf. The stock barrel would work the brass pretty good though and put some Glock-belly on it.

In the G35, a 180gr MG JHP, 9.0gr Blue Dot @ 1.100": 1,201 fps (nicely consistent, 13 fps ES). The same bullet loaded to 1.125" was slightly slower but definitely less consistent.

For 200gr Nosler JHP, 8.5gr Blue Dot @ 1.130": 1,165 fps (52 ES)
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