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Originally Posted by ysr_racer View Post

So here are ysr_racer's rules for being a loser. If any of the following apply to you, guess what, loooooser !!

Your mom makes your meals
Your mom does your laundry
Your mom is your best friend
You still live at home
You talk to your mom every day

America is in sad shape.

I'm wondering if this is the reason we see so many mass shooting by 20 year old kids, they can't function in the real world.
I am safe. If I talk to my mom once every two weeks I'd be surprised. If I see her more than once a month it must be a holiday.

But I know the type. My sister is a loser. She and her husband rely on my parents for quite a bit. Taking her kids to the doctor/dentist, to babysit them all weekend. To fix them lunch and dinner on the weekends. Drives me nuts. Glad I live 2 hours away.

BUT you need to look at from the other POV. It could be the parents not letting the kids grow up and always there to pander them and give them what they need. If they aren't pushed out of the nest, how do they learn to fly?
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