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Horace, Daniel, Oliver & B.Tyler

Truth be told you need several.

A couple in .22. Either a 9422, a Marlin 39 or a Henry. I guarantee you will shoot a .22 with a smile on your face.

Next, a Bambi killer. Traditional chambering will of course be a .30-30 either by Winchester 94 (a John M Browning design BTW) or a Marlin 336.

Pistol cartridge? A 92 series is traditional but Marlins 1894 is a helluva thing to own and shoot.

Wapiti or Big Bear? 45-70 or .30-06, maybe a .444. Could be a Win 95 or a Marlin 95 or a Browning BLR.

From a historical POV look up Smith & Wessons original design, the Volcanic Repeating Arm, both rifle and handguns, which evolved into the original Henry, which evolved... well, you get the idea.
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