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If you watch this video you will see some anti gun nuts showing a power point. In the power point they show a Grizzly Bear. The speaker goes on to say this is what the NRA thinks they are. The next slide shows a Chihuahua and the Speakers says this is what the NRA really is then goes on to show the Nazi flag.

The speaker is right. Only 4 million give or take members is bad enough. Take out the ones that actually are siding with the gun grabbers it does not look good for us.

Obama said 90% of the NRA members polled support his agenda. I had seen other polls that put it closer to 70%. My local news paper poll shows just the opposite close to 70% of those who responded to the poll oppose more gun control other than back ground checks.

We can not afford people sitting on the side line saying Congress will save us. We have one shot and if it fails it is a life sentence.
Keep your guns stashed and your powder dry.

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