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Don't dig your head in the sand fellas.

I hope my great state of NY is a wake up call to all of you not to give an inch.

We went from high-caps to 10-rounders to 7-rounders. What's next? 0-rounders?

Our pre-ban high-caps are now also banned and have to be turned in, revoking the prior grandfather clause, taking away our existing property.

Remember the Alamo!
Now it is Remember NY!

The public is more anti-gun than ever now.

We need you and about 45 million of your friends to join the NRA or some similar pro-gun organization soon!

That poll reached more people than you did, and they did it methodically. Believe it, the anti-gun opinion and votes are out there. Gun owners need to organize and educate and lobby fast.

I joined the NRA, have you yet?
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