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I have only had two customers at my shop since Sandy Hook that oppose AWB Hi Cap ban and other common sense measures. Most are NRA Members and own more than one shotgun.

They do not believe we have any business owning semi auto rifle and pistols. These are the average gun owners in America. Guys that hang out in gun forums are the minority. The gun nuts.

I think many gun owners are way under reacting right now. Relying on the Republicans who are just hanging on to their seats by their finger nails to stop popular opinion of gun control is really false hope. They probably stand a better chance of re election if they only put up token Resistance.

We are not coming out of this unscathed. This is nothing like 94 because the gun grabbers have power. The public supports them heck, even many gun owners support them.

Do not wake up like you did the day after the Presidential elections and say I did not see it coming. The polls are warning us to do more.
Keep your guns stashed and your powder dry.
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