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Originally Posted by jeffreybehr View Post
I disagree with that. I believe, but don't know, that bright MF will still temporarily reduce vision.

Since there are lots of low-flash powders that work well, especially HS-6, my fave--as in 'one and only'--in 357SIG, why use a hi-flash powder in what might become a low-light situation?
Try it Jeffrey, remember my caveat is a light and or laser. I tried some Rem UMC which is about as flashy as you can get last problem. Sure, I will use lower flash loads but my point is too much emphasis is placed on muzzle flash when it comes to 357 sig. It is more of a myth than anything else. In my opinion, not enough shooting is getting done at night if MF is a deciding factor for some on the 357 sig.
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