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Hello from the mountains of Southern California.
I consider myself a newbie to handguns I have a couple os 22's a AR-7 rifle and an American Arms mini 5 shot revolver that is holstered in a belt buckle.I decided it was time to get something more substantial that my wife could shoot as well. After much research and discussion with my cop friends I decided on a Glock Gen 3 19.
Now the adventure begins.I looked everywhere online stores, My local FFL Dealer and went to a Gun Show and could not find one anywhere.I was surprised to find there were almost no guns of any type at the gun show at all. I saw that amo was back ordered and out of stock in a lot of places as well so I waited in a hour and a half amo line and picked up 500 9mm rounds so it wasn't a complete waste of time.
The only two websites I found that did not show all inventory sold out or back ordered were TheGlockStore and Glockmeister. I tried for a week to contact them by phone and e mail for over a week with no luck. They are probably out of inventory as well but just don't post it.
So I went ahead and placed an order for a Gen 3 19 with TruGlo TFO green/green night sights, Stainless Steel recoil assy w/ stock spring weight, Glock extended slide stop lever, Glockmeister extended slide stop and back strap.
It's been two weeks since I placed the order and still have not heard anything back yet.
Hopefully I will be a happy Glock owner some time soon.
Since I am a complete newbie and have not finalized my order yet any input on the options I included would be appreciated.
Thanks to all who have contributed to the wealth of information here.

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