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Originally Posted by California Jack View Post
Everyone except for glASSman himself and anyone without money.

Ross is for everyone except glASSman.

Ross fans are a lot friendlier than most of glASSmans nut swingers too.

glASSman is a great promoter and salesman however. A freaking rope skipping certification.
Originally Posted by California Jack View Post
Greg glASSman....

Strength & Conditioning

Ross Enamait......

Strength & Conditioning

Whose program seems more effective?

Dude, I get it. Glassman is fat and you don't like him.

Hell, Glassman is fat and that is all I know of the guy except what I have watched on YouTube. He doesn't coach me, encourage me, and he certainly doesn't bother me. The head trainers at the gym I work out at look just like Captain Pullup there. If they stop paying the yearly fee to call themselves Crossfit and become The Sweaty Bettys or something equally ridiculous, the results would be the same. As for the cost, they post the WODs on their site for anybody who wants to do them at home, just like the main site WODs. I choose to pay them and use their equipment and take the motivation from my peers at the gym, because without them giving me that, I may not try as hard when the desire to stop sets in.

If you don't want to Crossfit, nobody is making you. Stop humping my leg because you have a hard on for GlASSman.

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