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Originally Posted by DonD View Post
You must be one of those guys who knows more than the ammo or powder companies and says his handloads work just fine.

You can't do what you say with acceptable pressures. Hodgdon says max with a 4" barrel is:
135gr/1434 fps/31,900 psi
155gr/1283 fps/31,900 psi

The 165 gr number you quote is really out of line.

Loads like that are another reason people shouldn't shoot others reloads. Accelerated gun wear or possibly worse. Don
Quite incorrect, not all powders are created the same. I don't offer my loads for others to shoot, but have worked them up in my gun. Throw in a 6" KKM barrel and the fact that the .40 case is at least as strong as the 40K PSI rated 357 Sig, then now you have something.

I should update my numbers though, with the right powder my 6" .40 will average a 135gr Nosler at 1,849 fps, a 155gr JHP @ 1,554 fps, 165gr Gold Dot @ 1,485 fps, 180gr JHP @ 1,402 fps and 200gr XTP @ 1,230 fps.

The G35 I use (22lb recoil spring with heavy loads) hasn't shown signs of wear yet. Besides, I don't shoot full power .40 all the time, just when I want to. Most of the .40 I shoot is light stuff for plinking. But the versatility of the cartridge is readily apparent.
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