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The best lever action if you intend to shoot it regularly would be in pistol caliber chambering.

Of those the Winchester 94 is the worst choice, the rifle was designed for a cartridge length of greater than 2" in length and most of the pistol caliber rounds are 1.575 or shorter. That difference makes for a frustrating experience when it comes to proper feeding.

While on the subject of Winchester lever actions or copies there of the winchester 1892 in pistol caliber would be a good choice. Be it the Miroku manufactured, produced for both Winchester and Browning or the Rossi versions of the venerable 92.

The Marlin if it is a JM marked barrel not Remlin, Rem,marked barrel,Remington produced 94 is a solid choice. They tend to be slightly more Cartridge Over All Length sensitive.

The Uberti Henry 1860,1866 and 1873 rifles while more expensive are good rifles.

If you want a 30-30 length round the Winchester 1894 and JM marked Marlins are hard to beat.

I left one out I don't even consider it a option
the Henry Big Pile aka Big Boy,I would rather have a decent muzzle loader than Big Pile as they are more reliable. SJ 40

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