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Tell me about lever action rifles

I found myself lately watching westerns like my old man and grandfather. hell my dads only two channels are espn and the western channel. that goes for my grandfather who passed a couple years a go.
I often wondered as a kid what made my dad and grandfather watch those westerns all day like they did. i believe its because it brings them back to the reality of the good old days, when men were men. before cars and freeways. when man lived off the land and natural resources.

Anyway, watching these westerns lately makes me want to buy myself a Lever action rifle. not sure if i want it in .357 mag or 30-30.
Anyone have any suggestions on the best kind to get for the money. or best bang for the buck. right now i own two glock's a norinko ak-47, my grandfathers hawes .357 mag 6 shooter and my 270 hunting rifle. What are your outlooks on lever action? anything to look out for? i'm completely dumb to them.
Browning .270
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Hawes .357 Mag

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