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Originally Posted by Lady Glock View Post
Sounds like an interesting story Wolfe...please share if you are up to it!
OK, here's what happened. I still get the wilies just remembering.....

A few days before my surgery I was out with the friend that's been taking care of me, we were running a few errands. It was after dark when we finished, we decided to stop and get something to eat. My friend is disabled herself, both of her knees are in really bad shape. That was a factor in how I handled the situation. We sat down as far from the door as possible, with me facing the door.

While we were eating I saw a REALLY spaced out looking guy messing with a box in the bushes right alongside the restaurant. I couldn't tell if he was putting the box in the bushes, or taking it out. It was about a foot on each side. I got real uptight real quick, and was watching like a hawk. I also told my friend to go through the kitchen, out the back of the restaurant, and call 911 and describe what was happening.

She started making her way very slowly, and I alerted 2 waitresses, and told them what I'd told her to do.. Everyone else in there seemed oblivious to what was happening. The guy went over to another bush on the other side of the restaurant, and apparently dropped the box in there, then he came in the door. Then folks started getting nervous, the guy was that wierded out. Crazy eyes and all. Think methhead X 10. That bad. He was doing some kind of crazy dance, and making screeching noises. A couple of the waitresses were trying to figure out what to do,

By then my friend was out of sight, and probably at or near the back door, so I started looking for my way out. The guy was moving in my general direction, so I pulled my knife out of my pocket. He saw me looking at him, and yelled “YOU!”, and started straight toward me. I flipped my knife open while holding it under the table. I wasn't visible to him, but it was visible to a few other customers.

One older man yelled “Lookout!”, and by then everyone was watching. When the guy was less than 10 feet from me he stopped. I was scared ****less, he could have pounded me to a pulp easily enough. The older man yelled something again, and just then we all heard a siren. That turned out to be an ambulance, but it distracted the crazy guy enough that I got up and ran toward the restaurant kitchen and out the back. Unfortunately, some of the customers could see the knife in my hand. I got out the back, and was hiding behind an adjacent restaurant with my friend when the cops showed up.

The crazy guy ran for it, but the police caught him. I went back in the restaurant to pay for our meals, and the police wanted my version of what happened, along with statements from other people in there. The older man and his wife, along with at least one other guy had seen me flip my knife open, and told the police I was 'brandishing' a 'big switchblade'. I had to show the police the knife, and how it works, but they didn't confiscate it, because it's legal to carry. They did take all my information, telling me that they had statements against me, and I might be prosecuted on the brandishing charge. As you all know, that's a serious charge.

It took a little time for the DA to sort it out, but in the end, opening it under a table when I'm in real, and valid, fear isn't brandishing. It's just plain self-defense. Luckily the law saw it that way, and the only one who got charged with anything was the crazy guy. I was told he got a misdemeanor vagrancy type charge, because being a nut-case isn't against the law. I told the DA that scaring the s*** out of me should be!
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