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Originally Posted by sourdough44 View Post
How's the flying going? Did you get er up? I was going to go yesterday, to meet a guy about a possible firearms related deal, we postponed over some last minuted issues.

I have the plane heated & ready to go. With temps down just above zero I had the Tannis plugged in along with a smaller 'space-heater' inside the plane, low setting.
Well, I discovered it's not for me, lol. I had a pretty bad panic attack as we got in and started to start it up. It didn't help that when I was trying to rest my arm on the door I accidentally opened it, either, lol. It's weird, though; they absolutely fascinate me, and at the same time scare the ever living **** out of me. Weird dichotomy, I know.
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work." -- Thomas Edison

Originally Posted by series1811 View Post
The first round is a moral decision. All of the following rounds are tactical decisions.
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