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Originally Posted by dkf View Post
His mouth got the better of him. Due to his comments on his Youtube channel he made the news and lost his carry permit in the process. Makes me laugh.

Now he can't legally CCW his lovely 9mm.
Yep. Guy is straight up liar, too. He made a video called "Unbanned" earlier in the month, explaining how he has unblocked all blocked users on his YouTube channel. He also explains in that video that he will not be even reading the comments and he doesn't care what people post, even if it's obscene, etc...

Well, I posted on one of his videos, disagreeing with some other commenter. I was promptly blocked. Ha ha ha! So he not only lied about the blocking, but he's obviously reading the comments, too. Double lie.

Guy is a serious d-bag piece of garbage. He's failed at every career he's attempted (fired from law enforcement, failed contractor, terrible instructor). This guy sucks. Who gives a crap about anything he has to say?

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