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Originally Posted by rustytxrx View Post
scottieG59 is correct. you can get a pistol that shoots the ammo you slected well. This is a big pistol by most standards. Sig 229, stainless frame, stainless slide, 44 0z, compensator (weight). It handles the recoil of the .357 Sig 125 gr bullet with no issues. The pistol is 2 oz heavier than my s&w 1006 10mm.

It is not exactly like shooting a G34 with 9mm rabbit poot loads but I took it to the gravel pit to shoot some IDPA targets (pistol is not IDPA legal). My split time were good for me. One big thing was the grip fit my hand like it was designed for it.

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I remember when that ^^^ model was introduced. It is beautiful! I have the grunt grade P229R 40/357 shown here with the P229 9mm Tutone.

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