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Originally Posted by WayneJessie View Post
What has been your most trouble-free auto loader handgun that cost less than $600 new? It can be any brand including Glock but not limited to them. I'll go first with mine being a CZ 75 Compact. I lost count after three years of almost daily shooting with not one failure to function of any kind;ever. Compared to other compact handguns it's on the heavy side but if I could not have but one pistol that would be it.
Hmm, I'm going to have to say my G26.
Tied for second my OD G17 and G19.
For third I have to go with a used USP Compact .45 LEM. It was under $600 when I bought it.

All of the above had not had a single anything happen with a buttload of rounds through them.
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