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I shoot IDPA and Trap, belong to several local clubs. I have yet to find one resident who plans on registering their semi auto weapons. Not a single one. As a matter of fact, many are planning on leaving the state, and taking their guns and tax dollars with them.

The local trap clubs don't even know ow they are going to sell shells to shooters. Are they going to have to do a background check every Tuesday and Thursday night for the same damn people?

Duomo has wakened a sleeping giant for sure.

As for the magazines, don't look for a real high return on that part of the law either.....

You've seen my posts in the past. I'm leaving, and I'm taking $250,000 a year in economic activity with me. In addition to my wife and I's income, my retired parents and at least two working friends are tagging along to Tennessee.

I sold my house at a loss to get rid of it, AND screw NYS by lowering the tax liability, to a women who probably makes 1/5th what my wife and I make. Eventually, the beast will starve to death.

My local rep, Andrew Goodell is a pro gun politician, and he's getting a certified letter from me the day we leave with a redacted copy of my tax return (no identity theft), last property tax bill, and new and future Tennessee tax bill PLUS a copy of the Tennessee gun laws. He can absolutely use MY story to lambaste the Democrats and Downstate RINO's on what their policies are doing to NYS.

I may be leaving, but I'm still going to try and help my friends that are stuck here.
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