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Originally Posted by mtpisgah View Post
BMW in Spartanburg, SC has a no gun policy. If you don't like it, don't work for them. It would be no different than me saying to not bring a gun into my house when you come over for dinner. Not that I would do that though. Unless we were drinking, which is how it usually works out.

BMW also has a seatbelt policy while on the property, wear it or you can get fired.
The trouble with such a libertarian stance is this:

Picture the USA in 50 years. At the entrance to everything is a type of scanner that can detect a gun. Perhaps guns will have to be made with a chip, even, or perhaps scanners will just get smarter.

Once there is some kind of accident or crime involving a gun, lawyers will urge their cleints to ban guns.

Their clients being every retail business in the country.

You won't be able to carry anywhere. You won't be able to park in most places.

Politicians won't need to pass anti-gun legislation, as it will be moot.
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