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Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
The employer is not going to search your vehicle without consent, but then at the same time, they will ask for you to leave the premises. If you don't leave then that's trespassing.
Some businesses have the policy that your vehicle is subject to search by your voluntary consent any time its on their property.
Refusal is considered reason for termination of employment.

Again, not something that makes me happy...
But it's the policy you agree to.

I worked last summer on a project for a defense contractor for 6 months. They are in a state with "shall issue" CCW laws.
Their policy is no firearms on our property including the parking lot, and vehicles are subject to search on demand.
(the search on demand policy is not specific to firearms... they do high-security work for the Navy and other military branches)

And they are located in a ghetto-ish high-crime area.
The campus, including the parking lot is in a secured fence with security guards, FWIW.

This week they've invited me to return for another project for 6 months or so.
I didn't hesitate to accept. They're great people to work with, they pay very well, and my last project with them was very successful.
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