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Originally Posted by WayneJessie View Post
Perhaps I should have specified guns that did not need any tinkering with them to make them trouble-free.
O.K. -

All of them.

I won't keep a handgun that gives me problems.
I have owned two (2) that I consider POS.

S&W mdl 39-2. It was known as a 'jam-o-matic'. Gone.
Being absolutely honest, it COULD HAVE BEEN the magazines.
????? I sold it.

S&W mdl 5906. Early 3rd gen Smith. Stainless steel. Apparently, the frame and slide were made from the same hardness, stainless.
It was galling itself to pieces. Metal filings and 'metal powder', from shooting it. No amount of lube/grease would stop the galling.
S&W couldn't explain it.

A neighbor offered to buy it for more than I paid for it. "Sold!"
(I really wanted to like that pistol.)
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