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Originally Posted by Dennis in MA View Post
I can stump you, CC - Early American history - no cheating by using the internet. . . .

What color was George Washington's white horse?
I didn't Google it, but I think that horse was one of his favorites (out of a couple he rode during the war) and was actually gray.

I read the horses name once but I forgot. I think it had blue somewhere in it. Back in the day, and even my grandparents would call gray animals blue (also why the blue tick hound is named that but is gray in color).

Growing up on a farm I know gray horses often get lighter with age and the painters were looking at the horse and Washington years after the war to get a reference for the painting so the horse's hair had lightened quite a bit by then.

Of course there is always the painter's romanticizing their paintings and possibly just painting the horse white regardless because the good guys ride white horses and bad guys ride black horses.
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