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Originally Posted by Anglin_AZ View Post
Hornady LNL

The only way to get a double charge on a LnL or 650 is operator error. I disagree with many when it comes to the safest way to use a progressive. In my experience the LESS you double check everything the LESS likely you are to have a issue. Some people say they check it every 20 rds for instance. That is not safer. Every time you stop your routine you just introduced the opportunity to screw it up that didn't exist before. So the fewer times you stop the process the better. It's important in this discussion to remember you ARE monitoring the powder drop visually and your eyeball/brain combo is able to notice when a powder charge doesn't look right. Besides that, don't stop but every 100 rds to fill the primer tube and then check the powder charge on the one case. BE DOUBLE SURE it has a charge and only one charge. Dump the 100 loaded rounds as well. Then if you have a issue you only have 100 rds that are suspect to deal with.

A unreliable press is a disaster waiting to happen because it introduces more opportunities for you to not reset the press right. That is likely what happened in your situation. Whenever you have a blockage, clear the press completely and start over. This is why I don't abide a press that has stoppages on a regular basis. It must be reliable. I am like a freaking dog on a bone with this.

Glad your OK, sorry about your issue.

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