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Originally Posted by Seawolf View Post
Thank your fellow gun nuts for going ape **** and hoarding everything. 3 years people had to stuck up after the 2008 fiasco and I don't feel sorry one bit for anyone left out in the cold this time around.
How many of the millions of people out right now spending $100 for a AR15 mag voted for Obama? I bet you there are more than you think.

Production hasn't stopped on the contrary manufacturers are working non stop trying to fill orders. No, you can blame the idiots out snatching up everything they can find and throwing it in their closets for this mess. Many of which have no interest in anything but gouging and making a quick buck off the current situation.

You want to be mad? Be mad at all the nitwits that waited 4 years before giving a *****.
SeaWolf I understand your frustration, I really do. And to a point I share it. But the problem we have now is how to deal with this problem. I didn't vote for this president, but I still have to deal with the consequences of the choice others made. Next week I'll be down in your neck of the woods. My parents have a home in Bushnell. When I'm down in Bushnell I visit a few small gun shops around the area in hoping to find some stuff I can't find around here. This is bad times we are in now. Its time to think outside the box on what we are going to do about it. I'm going to remind people around election time the consequences of a choice. But now its what I can do about this.

Anyone know if Glock is manufacturing any guns here yet? or is it still all coming from Europe?
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