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Originally Posted by 45ACP223 View Post
That's interesting, I've loaded thousands of rounds with my Dillon Sq. Deal and never had any mechanical problems until last week. I had the same issue you did with the bolt coming loose on the bell crank. I ended up weighing that lot of 50 bullets and found one without powder. I guess that bolt loosening is a common problem with Dillons to watch out for.
Do you have a nylon locking nut on that bolt? If not get one. I like to lube the power measure with graphite about every 500 rds. and also in doing so making sure all of the dies nuts and all other bolts and nuts are tight.
I found that doubling the nut does not work. Since I installed the nylon locking nut and now Dillon uses them on the powder measure. I have not had one come loose.
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