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unit1069..."and my top priority is finding a better job to support the family."

I couldn't agree more! That is the most important thing, you can always pick up something (a Pistol/revolver) just to have for defense until you get back on your feet. In the mean time keep doing your homework on reloading, when you can start buying bits & pieces or start collecting brass at the range. So by the time you are ready you will have at least a jump on the process.

"...I think 9mm is a better option even in pocket pistols...."

It would be a more "available" option, I carry a G26 (sub-compact 9mm) with me most of the year. I shoot competition with 9mm and practice often with all my home/self defense guns. I believe that is the real key to this whole home - CCW weapons choice discussion. Now listen to the wording here class... It is not as important what you carry but are you able to defend yourself and fight with what you carry?

Let that sink in for just a second.

I don't care what you carry - if it's a Desert Eagle 50 cal. If you can take it to the range and hit bulleyes all day long with it... that's great, but what about when 2-3 punks jump you on the street and you have 1 or perhaps 2 SECONDS to defend yourself and/or fight with that weapon?

If you can do that and do that well - that"s the caliber/gun for you. If you honestly don't think you can, then it is time to re-think your CCW choice.

Ok i'm climbing down off of my soap box now.

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