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Originally Posted by snowwdog View Post
im wondering how you got a double charge on a auto indexing press. I did have a situation this weekend as well. I loaded up 300 rounds with no changes on the press after loading 1200 previous rounds. My buddy started shooting and got a squib. We knocked out the bullet and he shot 3 more rounds that puffed and fizzled then another squib. We stopped and i pulled some bullets and they were way under charged. This is a dillion 650. I started throwing charges and they were low. Adjusted untill they were right and ran 5 or 6 rounds and then they were really high. Only thing i can see that may have happened was the powder clumped in the adjustment bar and then finally got knocked loose when i adjusted it. I did leave the powder measure with about 2" of powder in it for 2 weeks. It was a rainy 2 weeks and the humidity may have gotten high in the basement where i load. First time in 20+ years that has happened to me. I guess ill put my powder check back on the press.
I had an issue on my 650 with a couple of squibs. There is an old thread here about it. In short, teaching someone to load and I went to pull out something because he was doing well. I had stressed check every case for a charge and make sure it looks similar to the prior ones several times. We were using WSt so loft was good enough to see a missing or double charge.

At the range has a squib then another.

Went over the machine and found the nut bolt that ran through the bel crank on the powder measure had loosened up. Just enough that the white plastic cube would jump out of the powder bar and back in again.

Just something to check. Of it now was a lock nice new nut on it with a dot of locktite for good measure.
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