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In addition to my Glock 30, depending on the weather or need for a little deeper cover, I also like my SW 642 w/LSWCHP, front pocket carry, backed up with my KelTec P32 w/ one Corbon HP in the pipe and one CHP first up in the magazine backed up w/ hot hardball in a wallet holster.

Or, with my Glock 26 IWB DPX w/ KelTec P32 weak side IWB. 5 and 8 o-clock carry respectively. Long t-shirt cover.

Things vary here in the Gunshine state my little chickadees, and with a gun friendly state and city shore ain't the PRoNY!

Sounding the Rebel Yell!

Deo Vindice!
We warned you in 1862!

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