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I think it is funny that I crossed the finish line of a mud run with a Xfit instructor.
I think I commented on their program when I said this. ^

One more comment. Two years ago, there was a very outspoken Xfitter posting the virtues of Xfit on a forum I used to frequent. One day after dead lifting I decided to C2 a 2k. I posted my time on the C2 ranking website. Guess what, I was one spot ahead of Captain Crossfit. At the time, I was jogging on a treadmill one day per week and doing short ross based training twice weekly following weight training.

These two incidences can only conclude that Jackfit is better than Crossfit. That was a joke, but I really cannot conclude that Crossfit is any better than nything else.
Todays workout..... Ball sits to failure.

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