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im wondering how you got a double charge on a auto indexing press. I did have a situation this weekend as well. I loaded up 300 rounds with no changes on the press after loading 1200 previous rounds. My buddy started shooting and got a squib. We knocked out the bullet and he shot 3 more rounds that puffed and fizzled then another squib. We stopped and i pulled some bullets and they were way under charged. This is a dillion 650. I started throwing charges and they were low. Adjusted untill they were right and ran 5 or 6 rounds and then they were really high. Only thing i can see that may have happened was the powder clumped in the adjustment bar and then finally got knocked loose when i adjusted it. I did leave the powder measure with about 2" of powder in it for 2 weeks. It was a rainy 2 weeks and the humidity may have gotten high in the basement where i load. First time in 20+ years that has happened to me. I guess ill put my powder check back on the press.
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