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Here in Indiana its called a License to Carry a Handgun. I've had one for almost 20 years.

At first I got one so I could legally carry the hand gun to and from the range. I carried on and off for many years but not on a regular basis. About 15 years ago I joined a civil defense unit in Mishawaka, the Mishawaka Civil Dense Special Police. They issued a GP 100. The regular cops had just gotten Sigs issued to them.

About 4 years ago I sued for full custody of my son. Some material of questionable used was found at her boyfriends house. My son decided to report it. I supported him. About 4 months later several police officers come to my house with the information that they had received a Crime Stoppers tip that my son and I life was in danger. Needles to say I was astounded!
Right then I decided to carry 24/7. And I have.

Edit: BTW, I won full custody!

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