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Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
How many people here work for oil refineries either as direct employees or subcontractors?

On practically every refinery that I've been to; even ones in the Great Freedom Republic State of Tejas, alcoholic beverages are forbidden even in locked vehicles parked in the refinery's parking lot. Not even empty cans and bottles are tolerated - zero tolerance. Alcoholic drinks are legal to own if one were of age, and can even be legally transported if stored per local laws and regulations. Yet the refineries have made zero tolerance policies pertaining to having alcohol on their premises.

Same with guns.

They're not infringing on your rights to keep and bear arms. They simply don't allow you to bear arms on their properties, even if those arms were locked up inside your vehicles.
Difference is that the right to defend oneself is protected here in Texas. The right to have a cocktail...not so much.
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