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Part of the problem exist with state politicians who fall over each other offering low tax rate/incentives to major companies wish to build in that state.

Rail links and highway improvements, at taxpayer expense, built to satisfy the company request.

Building goes up, no guns in parking lot sign is posted and some poor unarmed schumck leaving second shift worries if he'll get home in one piece.

10 years ago, as a supervisor, I had to discipline a coworker who was found with a .45 in his car. He car pooled from Philadelphia and another coworker riding along was a drug user that got sniffed out by our drug dog. car was then searched and gun found.

Gun owner lived in a bad section of Philly and was robbed twice coming home from second shift work. He had both police reports to prove this. He also had a hard to obtain Philadelphia LTC permit.

Our Code of Ethics clearly specified that no personal firearms were allowed on state property.

I couldn't support firing this man, therefore I recommended a formal counseling for the infraction of having a personal weapon on Institution property.

I don't know how he protected himself when going home thereafter and I didn't ask.
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