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Nothing is irreversable. I forsee Liberty will overcome Liberalism and Neoconservatism. Because the young people are waking up and are rejecting the Liberal indoctrination of colleges in huge numbers. When the economy gets bad, the ebt card wielding leeches will turn on their givers, and the ones who try to take, wont last long. The troops will have to be brought home and the Neoconservative wargame will be over.

I think the collapse will be blamed universally on both parties, as it should be. Mass Government spending is bad, no matter if its spent on Sheniqua's EBT card or invading another sandy hellhole to spread our version of "freedom" (yeah, right)

Big government and Statism is dying, it is a slow death, the current Liberal sway is just Statism crawling in it's death bed. If your not a Statist, then you have reason to be optomistic.
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