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I've ripped briefly through the discussion that ensued since this morning.

I am as much a 2nd amendment advocate as anyone.
What we are discussing here though is an agreement you make voluntarily with an employer.
They tell you up front when you are negotiating for employment "we don't allow firearms on our property, including the parking lot".

Then they give you the opportunity to agree to abide by that policy or refuse to be their employee.

I don't care for that policy nor the attitude behind it, but it's their billion-dollar investment.
VW spent $1,000,000,000 to build that facility.
Managing any business of that scope and scale is damn complicated.
Companies like VW do what they feel they must to manage their risks and maximize their profits. It's what they do, their reason for existence.

No one is forced to work there, they agree with VW on the terms of that employment.

Again, I'm not defending or trying to justify it, but then I'm not an employer.

Times are tough and people need jobs?
How is that VW's problem?

About my comment that "insurance companies run this country"..
I did not say that an insurance company dictates the specific policy to forbid guns on company property (though they may for all I know)..
I was only commenting on the average/typical corporate attitude regarding anything that someone in management (the employer or the insurance company's management) may deem to be a risk of liability.

About 10 years ago I did an automation design project at the Mercedes facility in Alabama.

The day before I arrived someone had a shotgun in their truck, with the deal to trade or sell to another employee. When the guy brought the shotgun out of his truck he had a negligent discharge, putting holes in the side of someone's car.

Does that mean no one should be allowed to have firearms in their car on Mercedes' property? Of course not, but Mercedes' management doesn't see it that way.
(there was an existing policy against guns in the parking lot at that time)
You can be assured that this was reported to Mercedes' insurance company, and you can be damn sure that the insurance company had a sit-down meeting with Mercedes' management regarding enforcement of that policy.

Their property, their rules.

I was told by a Mercedes employee, but don't know/wasn't there to see it that they had gun-sniffing dogs walked through the parking lot from time to time.
Knowing Mercedes security as I do (or did at the time) I can easily believe it.
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