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GD, I have never seen such a bickering and arguing people in all my life as what I see here. Instead of telling one another not to come over and so much outrage, what about a group hug? I think a group hug and some warm milk, cookies and chicken noodle soup might do you all some good. Hell, forget that, what about a get together over a few cold ones? If a "beer summit" is good enough that guy, it should be good enough for GNG.

Anyway, as bad as I hate to admit it, the Co does set the rules. Could be like my employer-no guns, ammo, primers (yes primers) and pocket knives on property. We all had to sign papers to the affect. Till I get a much better job or retire, I will abide by the rules. One way I look at it is they have paid me thus far to allow me to maintain my lifestyle and buy as many weapons as I want in my personal life.
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