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Originally Posted by HexHead View Post
I've never seen a commercial insurance app that asks if guns are allowed on the property for rating purposes.
Nor have's a fairy tale quote that some business used as an excuse because they didn't want to own up to not letting them in.

Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
Show me a court case that dictates otherwise. Employers ban privately owned guns on their properties all the time. most states require a permit to carry; open or concealed? Or do most states don't require a permit?
Oklahoma is one that allows employees to have firearms in the cars, regardless of what the company policy is. No retaliation. But once again, the state made the rule to protect the commuter's rights too.

Originally Posted by gwalchmai View Post
MegaCorps move to the south to avoid unions and then treat employees like crap and thus encourage the very unionism they ran from.

Originally Posted by HollowHead View Post
Are these workers also angry over hours, wages, OSHA conditions...or is it just the gun/parking lot issue? HH
It's Walmart they are ticked off about!

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