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Originally Posted by RGbiker View Post
What I find amusing about VW and BMW's restriction of workers firearms in their U.S. plant parking lot's is..........

Without the Truman inspired Marshal Plan (American Taxpayer funded in the Billions) during the late 1940's, there probably would be no VW or BMW vehicles in this country. Both companies produced war material for the German Military who was successfully killing our service men during WWII and afterward were scheduled to be scrapped or turned over to the Soviets. VW plant was 5 miles from the eastern zone.

Billions of American $$$ went into the rebuilding of Western Germany's industry.

But, I suppose that piece of history doesn't matter anymore to the weenies now in charge at VW and BMW.
So, they should bend to some butthurt workers because of what their grandfathers did? HH
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