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Originally Posted by California Jack View Post
Dude, first you are mistaken if not lying. Ross doesn't charge for any workouts unless you hire him as a trainer, but i doubt he'd work for you unless you're a fighter.

Why don't I stay out of threads? Because I don't want too. Why should I? Why would you read my posts if you don't think they should be in a thread?

You seem offended, sorry, although I am not sure why? Did the picture of Greg burst your bubble? Perhaps you bought a rope skipping cert? Have I said something that was untrue? Your statement about Ross is the only untrue statement I can find in this thread.
Perhaps you have not said anything untrue. You are not the only person on the planet who does not like Glassman, some of whom I respect for their abilities as trainers/coaches. You have never done anything but bash Crossfit as an organization. For the record and full disclosure, I have no opinion of Glassman. For that matter, I do not even train at a Crossfit gym. We follow the methodology but we don't call it Crossfit. We can't. I am also a Crossfit level 1 trainer. Which means I know just a bit more than the average guy.

You have never addressed the workouts, methodology or the results.

Furthermore, I am not aware of a Crossfit jumprope certification. If there was one, it was before my time.

Here are the CF certifications listed on the mainsite. I don't see rope skipping in there.

Not that it matters anyway but you keep bringing it up.

Finally, I am not offended. You are like the guy in the stands at a baseball game shouting "boooo, you suck" over and over again annoying the hell out of the people sitting around you that are just trying to enjoy the game.

Finally, I wonder what personal experience you have had with Crossfit or Glassman specifically that makes you so sour.

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