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Originally Posted by badge315 View Post
Corporations are artificial entities that exist because the government allows their creation. Corporations are not "people". If they were, they'd be able to vote...but they can't.
Corporations are still owned and ran by people last I checked unless Skynet already took over. People make corporate policies. People enforce corporate policies, and these policies have to be compliant with Federal and local laws.

Of course not. But my private property rights are not absolute...and neither is VW's. If the people of Tennessee wish to implement a law that allows its citizens to store lawfully-owned firearms in their vehicles on their employer's property, I'm good with that; we did it here in Florida. If VW doesn't like it, they can cry me a river. Tennessee's state, Tennessee's rules...right?
Until the People of Tennessee enact said laws, it's tough noogie.

While I do favor the exercise of one's rights in general, I'm not about to start crusading for corporate property rights. When my 2A rights are properly respected, maybe then I'll give a damn about the corporate policies of a foreign auto maker who clearly doesn't give a rat's ass about the rights of its employees.
Plenty of good old fashion, red blooded American companies that have no personal firearms in parking lot policies. And the corporations aren't there to pro support your constitutional rights. They're there to provide you a place of employment with policies and procedures that are compliant with governing bodies of law.
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