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Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
Aren't corporations owned by groups of individuals?
Corporations are artificial entities that exist because the government allows their creation. Corporations are not "people". If they were, they'd be able to vote...but they can't.

Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
If they have the proper meat handling permits and hazmat permits, then yes.
Once again, they can only do those things with the government's permission. Those are not rights.

Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
So, anybody can come to your house and spout off at the mouth and you can't tell them to GTFO? Muslims can get on your lawn and pray to Mecca, burn Christ in effigy? No problem? Because they have individual First Amendment rights?
Of course not. But my private property rights are not absolute...and neither is VW's. If the people of Tennessee wish to implement a law that allows its citizens to store lawfully-owned firearms in their vehicles on their employer's property, I'm good with that; we did it here in Florida. If VW doesn't like it, they can cry me a river. Tennessee's state, Tennessee's rules...right?

While I do favor the exercise of one's rights in general, I'm not about to start crusading for corporate property rights. When my 2A rights are properly respected, maybe then I'll give a damn about the corporate policies of a foreign auto maker who clearly doesn't give a rat's ass about the rights of its employees.
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