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Originally Posted by gwalchmai View Post
Yes, we got that. We just disagree in that the employees have a need for employment, so they can't "just go work somewhere else" (times are tough).
Of course they can go somewhere else. Times are tough but not that tough. I see employment want ads in newspapers all the time.

So if VW infringes on their right to self defense to and from work they are in fact creating that hostile work environment you mentioned before.
The employer is not responsible for the employees' private place environment such as commuting to and from work. THe employer is only responsible for workplace environment. Now if the employees were to claim that they may be subjected to danger at work due to possible terrorist attacks or crazed colleagues, then maybe they should sue VW and other corporations that have no guns policy. Let's see how far that'd get.

Like I said, this is not a simple case, but I'm coming down more and more in favor of the employees.
Unless VW's policy is in contrarian to Tennessee's laws, the employees don't have a chance in Hades.
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